Machining Block

Cunningham Precision provides complete in-house machining services. As more customers requested total management of the part procurement process, machining was added to the pattern and casting business. Initially a small local machine shop was acquired, later as the business grew this shop was expanded and moved into a new facility adjacent to the current company headquarters. The machining business features a diversified range of CNC milling and turning capabilities, specializing in the machining of low volume complex castings. Experienced in machining most ferrous and nonferrous materials, our machine shop compliments our other divisions allowing us to provide our customers with "one stop shopping" for even the most demanding design requirements. In addition to CAD/CAM processes, Cunningham Precision has full quality documentation capability via CMM and other traditional inspection techniques.


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Mailing: P.O.Box 854
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Shipping: 4399 North US Highway 31
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We are eager to partner with clients who have unique engineering, casting and machining needs.

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