Casting Metal

Cunningham Precision(formerly CE Systems and Cunningham Pattern & Engineering) is located in Columbus, Indiana in a large industrial park area. Situated on twelve acres of prime industrial real estate, this unique foundry, specializing in highly cored complex parts has the ability to meet a wide range of casting requirements. The foundry occupies 31,000 square feet with an adjacent 22,000 square feet of warehouse which houses pattern storage, maintenance and metallurgical laboratory facilities.

This unique foundry with capability to pour many ferrous and non-ferrous alloys specializes in highly cored complex parts for developmental and low volume production requirements. This provides the customer with total flexibility and capability. The air set molding system is adaptable to parts from ounces to 2000 lbs in ferrous alloys and from ounces to 400 lbs in non-ferrous alloys. The in-house core system features air set, shell and isocure core processes. On-site storage capability for patterns is also available. Ferrous material analysis is performed with our spectrometer, which has 14-element capability. A full range of both destructive and non-destructive testing is also available.


+1 812.379.9571


Mailing: P.O.Box 854
Columbus, IN 47202

Shipping: 4399 North US Highway 31
Columbus, IN 47201

We are eager to partner with clients who have unique engineering, casting and machining needs.

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