Founded by Joe Cunningham, a journeyman pattern maker and casting engineer, with a vision of what could be, Cunningham Pattern & Engineering was born in 1965. The business was started as a small, two-man shop specializing in production pattern equipment. As the company succeeded, a new larger facility, which became the current headquarters, was built and occupied in 1969. Over the years Cunningham Pattern & Engineering has evolved into a modern shop with capability to produce patterns, raw castings and fully machined parts through three divisions. A combination of excellent people and use of the latest technologies are the key factors in the continued growth of the company.

The successful management of CAD/CAM technology moved the company into a new dimension of Rapid Prototyping. The ability to quickly generate proof of concept tooling for various customers gave the company new exposures to a variety of industries. Such things as emissions development in the automotive and diesel engine business provided the need for even more technical resources and for in-house casting capability. This demand led the company to start its own prototype foundry capable of producing castings in most ferrous and nonferrous materials. As growth and demand grew CNC machining was added to the company's capability, initially a small machine shop was purchased and moved into a new facility adjacent to the current company headquarters. The current machine shop has full CNC machining capability as well as a CMM inspection station.

As growth continued in the 90's additional casting capacity was required which led to the purchase of a local foundry operation; now known as CE Systems. Through the CE Systems division, Cunningham Pattern & Engineering offers the customer full service in both developmental parts and low volume service and production castings, supporting these operations with our experienced staff of operators known for their "can do" attitude. Experience gained over the years, producing many difficult types of tooling and castings such as cylinder blocks and cylinder heads, provides our customers the proven benefit of eliminating potential casting producibility problems before they occur.

As part of Joe's future vision of the company and to lead it well into the twenty first century, he has developed a management team with the authority, capability and responsibility to lead the company forward. As new customer requirements are encountered Cunningham Pattern & Engineering's goal is to continue providing value added services. In 2016, We rebranded all of the divisions into Cunningham Precision to better communicate our growth and commitment to heavy-duty manufacturing industries.

We feel we have just scratched the surface of the E in engineering. And, we are technically ready NOW to develop and produce the castings you will need five years in the future. Our new name simply brings us all together and demonstrates our commitment to a new and exciting future for our company to create and drive technology innovations for the industries we serve.


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