Engineering Design

Cunningham Precision specializes in customer concept enhancement. Our staff of experienced associates, supported by the latest versions of Pro-Engineer and other 3-D solid modeling software provides our customers with flexibility, accountability, delivery and quality capabilities to meet even the most demanding requirement. Cunningham Precision support part development requirements with capability to add draft, partings, gating and riser systems. Our experienced staff's input during this phase of development provides our customers with valuable castibility improvements and suggestions. As the part model development is completed Cunningham Precision can transfer the solid model to the customer system for review or updating. Cunningham Precision also has the capability to manage Finite Element Analysis and solidification modeling.

Cunningham Precision combines the pride of Old World craftsmanship with New World technology in the development of foundry pattern and core box equipment. The latest in CAD/CAM technology is utilized to produce a wide range of production and developmental part pattern equipment. 3-D solid models are used to add draft, develop partings, gating, and riser systems. The pattern equipment is then machined via CNC mills in a variety of materials including tooling board, plastic, iron, aluminum and stainless steel. Handwork is virtually eliminated; assuring the customer receives the most accurate equipment possible.

Cunningham Precision has developed a customer base over the years that includes many leading names in the automotive and heavy-duty diesel world. These customers include Ford, GM, Daimler Chrysler, Caterpillar, Cummins, Mack and Volvo. Additionally customers from other industries such as, drive trains, agriculture, racing, construction and the appliances are supported.


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